Inspections are required

Mobile feed milling and mixing plants that wish to produce compound feed for QS farmers must undergo inspection. Operators of mobile milling and mixed equipment who wish to produce animal feed mixes for QS scheme participants must have their systems tested in a QS inspection. A monitoring-capable, company-specific HACCP concept for the animal feed manufacturing sector is required. In addition, operators must ensure that the legal specifications and the QS criteria are adhered to. Farmers in the QS scheme may only make use of mobile feed milling and mixing plants that are authorized for QS. The QS inspection for mobile feed milling and mixing plants guideline provides a compact summary of the relevant criteria of quality assurance that must be proved in the QS inspection. It offers assistance when it comes to fulfilling the requirements, for example, those within the animal feed hygiene legislation (Reg. (EC) no. 183/2005).

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