Laboratories and certification bodies in the QS scheme

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Independent inspections and testing from farm to shop

Specific and verifiable requirements are in place in the QS scheme to ensure reliable quality assurance from the farm all the way through to the shop counter.

Independent certification bodies and their auditors are responsible for monitoring whether and how the requirements are implemented. In addition, QS-recognised laboratories carry out comprehensive testing within the framework of the monitoring programmes.

All audit and test results are recorded and documented in the QS databases. This ensures transparent and traceable quality assurance in the QS scheme.

More information on the structure of the inspection system

Certification bodies and auditors: qualified experts in action on site

Auditor bei Herrn Butzen

Together with their members and auditors, certification bodies are an important link in the chain between QS and the businesses and companies participating in the QS scheme. In the audits, the auditors inspect and assess whether and how the QS stipulations are implemented. During this process, they carry out a thorough inspection of all the relevant production and marketing processes and check the corresponding documentation.

Information for certification bodies and auditors

Laboratories: focus on maximum levels and limit values

Systematic monitoring of products ensures that defects and risks can be identified in a timely manner and measures implemented to resolve these problems. The laboratories recognised in the QS system play a key role in this respect within the framework of various monitoring programmes. Reliable and comparable results are assured by the requirements defined by QS concerning the performance capability of the laboratories.

Information for laboratories

Auswertungen im Labor