Certification bodies and auditors: identifying potential for improvement

Certification bodies and their auditors play a major role in ensuring the proper functioning and credibility of the QS scheme. Their efforts underpin consumer confidence in safe food products.

The job of the independent certification bodies is to carry out the regular inspections in the companies and businesses participating in the QS scheme. Through their work, they ensure that all stipulations are adequately implemented - from farm to shop. As qualified experts, the auditors pinpoint potential for improvement in the area of in-house quality assurance and provide stimuli for the ongoing development of quality assurance.

Relevant documents

You can find the documents for your activity in the QS scheme here:

Becoming a certification body in the QS scheme

Certification bodies who want to monitor compliance with QS requirements in the participating businesses must be approved by QS. One of the preconditions for this is accreditation in accordance with DIN EN 45011 or ISO/IEC 17065.

If you would like to obtain approval in the QS scheme for your certification body, feel free to contact us. You can also find more information in the Guideline Certification.

Auditor bei Herrn Butzen

Becoming an auditor in the QS scheme

Auditors also need a special approval for their work in the QS scheme. Agricultural or food-related training as well as suitable audit experience form the basis for this approval. If you would like to be approved as a auditor in the QS scheme, please contact a QS-approved certification body. You can then discuss the further details with this body.

For approved auditors 

We have set up a password-protected section on our website for the approved auditors. This section contains a wide range of exclusive information on and about the QS scheme.

Overview of approved certification bodies

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