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Add-on module QS-Soyplus in feed

Soy is highly valued as a component in animal feed. Soybean meal is highly digestible for livestock and an important source of protein. However, soybean cultivation poses the risk of conversion and/or deforestation of land. Due to the rising global demand and the increasing expansion of cultivation areas, there is a need for action to ensure that the cultivation of soybeans is free from deforestation and conversion. Therefore, QS has developed an mandatory Add-on module together with all stakeholders in the supply chain, directed at feed producers and retailers.

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A common and harmonized solution for the entire supply chain

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Together with representatives of the entire supply chain, QS developed the Add-on module QS-Soyplus to the QS Guideline Feed Sector . As of January 1st, 2024, it will be mandatory for all feed producers and traders processing or trading soy products. As a result, all soy used in animal feed in the QS scheme will come from sustainably certified cultivation from 01.01.2024.

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Certification of soybean cultivation and the Feed Sector

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Since the soybean cultivation (primary production) in the countries of origin is not certified by QS, sustainability standards are recognized. An overview of the recognised standards as well as the Add-on module QS-Soyplus, which stipulates the handling and further processing of soy for all downstream actors, i.e. oil mills, traders and compound feed producers, can be found below.

All advantages at a glance

  • Exclusion of both legal and illegal deforestation in the cultivation of soybeans
  • Transparency and passing on a common claim
  • Initial acceptance of the supply chain models Identity Preserved, Segregation, Mass Balancing and Book&Claim
  • Future-oriented and practical requirements developed together with industry representatives
  • Additional support through seminars offered by the QS academy for feed companies

Factsheet QS-Module Soyplus

Since 1 January 2024, QS-certified companies that trade, handle or process soya must comply with the requirements of the additional module QS Soyplus. What does the new QS standard stand for, how is it checked and who is affected by it? Questions that are answered below in our factsheet.

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