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As part of the 2020 revision, now all revised and new supporting documents have been published on our QS website since 15 January 2020 and are available...

Every month, new companies decide to participate in the QS scheme and thus give a signal to their customers that all their operational processes are checked by...

As the leading standard provider for safe fresh food in Germany and a reliable partner along the value chain, QS supports the active dialogue between society and...

In addition to a German and English version, the QS checklists for audits carried out from 1 January 2020 onwards are now also available in Spanish in...

The QS guidelines from the meat, livestock farming and feed sectors were revised in the course of the 2020 revision in terms of both content and editing...

The revised QS guidelines have been valid since 1 January 2020. They can now be viewed and downloaded in the Documentcenter of the QS company website.   

36 of the 38 participating laboratories from Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland and Denmark achieved a positive result in the 2019 QS round robin test for...

QS and the Danish standard Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC) have agreed to extend their mutual recognition, already existing since 2006, for another two years.

Before we start the year 2020 full of optimism, we would like to thank you for the good and successful cooperation in 2019.

On 1 January 2020, the revised Guideline Feed Sector will enter into force. We have already compiled the most important changes for the feed sector in advance:...

The QS certification mark: a symbol for food you can trust

QS scheme participants attach great importance to a front-to-end quality assurance and inspection system. QS supports them in this endeavour, by defining clear requirements and organising independent inspections – from farm to shop. Everyone delivers quality to everyone. This is something on which all scheme participants can depend.

The QS certification mark on food products makes our joint and partnership-based quality assurance processes visible for the consumer. It is a symbol for audited production and marketing processes - and for food you can trust.

How to join the QS scheme...


Guaranteed product availability - everyone delivers quality to everyone

Reliability is a key precondition for a functioning quality assurance system. All the parties involved are aware of their responsibility and play a proactive role. Today, around 140,000 scheme participants take part in the QS scheme worldwide.




This ensures reliable availability of goods all year round, and we are continuing to build on this foundation.

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We estimate that around 90 percent of the pork and poultry meat produced in Germany comes from the QS scheme. The figure for beef is in the order of 80 percent.

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Around 13,000 producers of fruit and vegetables participate in the QS scheme, as well as roughly 2,800 potato producers.

Quality assurance in practice

Systematic quality assurance is the best means of crisis prevention: by providing clearly defined requirements and efficient control mechanisms, QS helps to ensure that crises do not occur in the first place. Nevertheless, it is still possible for unforeseen events to occur in production and marketing, and QS has built up a comprehensive incident and crisis management system for such events.

More about the incident management


Competent employees, informed customers

Consumers want to know all kinds of things: where does the meat come from? How are potatoes grown? Well trained employees can answer these questions reliably and competently. This is something the customer appreciates. We offer a wide range of materials for training purposes, and we would be happy to put together a package of practice-oriented solutions together with you.

Communication for customers

Let us work together to communicate your daily commitment to safe food products. We will be happy to supply the modules you need. You decide which information you need on the QS scheme.

Information for your employees (available only in german)

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