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The QS quality scheme for food is an inspection scheme for food from farm to shop that is unique in Europe: since it was founded in 2001, it has been a byword for thorough inspections, reliable traceability and clear labelling of products.

Become a proactive participant in the quality scheme for food you can trust.

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You can find the documents for your participation in the QS scheme here:

Participating in the QS scheme:
Legally dependent retail chain outlets

Depending on their corporate structure, companies in the food retail sector can choose between different forms of participation. Legally dependent retail chain outlets with exclusively centralised supply relationships and centrally controlled outlets are integrated in the QS scheme via an approved coordinator.

Coordinator is the name for a company that pools multiple outlets or businesses and acts as their contact in the scheme. The coordinator becomes a scheme participant and ensures that the independent audits are carried out in the businesses. He is also responsible for the use of the QS certification mark by the businesses he coordinates.

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Participating in the QS scheme:
Legally independent retail chain outlets

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Legally independent retail outlets can also register through a QS-approved coordinator, but they can also participate directly in the QS scheme provided that they have their own supply relationships.

If you are interested, then register via the QS database, where you can also choose an approved certification body to perform the audit on your premises. After a successful audit, the certification body enters the result in the QS database. You will then be sent your scheme agreement for signing. Once the agreement has been signed, you can use the QS certification mark and offer QS goods.

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