QS residue monitoring

The residue monitoring in the QS scheme monitors whether maximum residue levels for plant protection products and limit values for contaminants and nitrate in fruit, vegetables and potatoes are complied with. It is further checked whether applied plant protection products are approved for the corresponding cultures. The objective of this monitoring process is to ensure that only flawless goods find their way to the consumer. In the event of complaints, the possible causes are determined in order to implement appropriate corrective actions to prevent the same problems from re-occurring.

All producers, wholesalers and food retailers who participate in the QS scheme also implement the residue monitoring stipulations.

Relevant documents and informations

You can find the documents for your participation in the QS residue monitoring programme and the link to the QS database here:

Systematic monitoring

Approved laboratories

The residue monitoring is based on a product-specific control plan. In the case of wholesalers, the control plan defines the number of samples that are to be taken and tested during the course of the year. If you are a producer participating in the QS scheme, your coordinator organises independent sampling.

All test results are recorded in the QS database and evaluated by QS. To ensure that all requirements are met and that laboratory results can be compared, only QS-approved laboratories may be commissioned to perform the tests.

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