Style guide for the QS certification mark - Revised edition published

QS has revised the structure and layout of the style guide for the use of the QS certification mark, further specifying the rules for use on composite products. The new...

QS information poster on hand and work hygiene - download now free of charge!

The fruit, vegetable and potato industry is defying the corona crisis with high flexibility and proven routines in hygiene and quality assurance. On this basis, the production companies raise the...
20 04 03 Poster Handhygiene Englisch

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2): Extension of all QS eligibilities of delivery

Due to the current spread of the coronavirus, the eligibility of delivery of all QS certified locations will be extended by two months. According to the extended QS eligibility of...
20 03 23 Ausbreitung Coronavirus  Verzicht QS Audits Kopie

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QS is based upon the confidence in the performance and  the integrity of the scheme. If you are aware of any nonconformities or irregularities you can contact our compliance officer at any time.

Incident and Crisis Management

QS contributes to the crisis prevention by means of decisive requirements for its scheme participants and well-functioning control mechanisms. However, accidents and unpredictable incidents in production and trading can never be excluded completely.