Antibiotics Monitoring becomes more concrete

Several crucial points could be clarified in the last meetings of the advisory boards poultry and beef, veal and pork, which took place in the margin of the Green Week in Berlin. The guideline for poultry is foreseen to come into effect by 1 March 2012. The monitoring will initially apply to poultry production and will be extended to pig fattening in the summer of this year.

The core will be a central antibiotics database. Here, all relevant data on the use of antibiotics in livestock farming will be captured. The data will be entered by participating farmers and veterinarians and allows them to obtain a proper assessment. Transparency will be achieved without undermining data protection. Similar to the proven salmonella programme for pigs, a business-specific evaluation helps to identify the need of action and to initiate consulting measures, if necessary. Comprehensive information about the use of antibiotics is necessary in order to optimize the use of antibiotics and to reduce long resistant germs.


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