Clarification: State of affairs with regard to benchmarking of new GTP code with GMP+ FSA, GMP-Ovocom and QS

Coceral completely revised the GTP code last year. The result is a more widely applicable code for collection, trade, transport and storage of feed materials. It was decided in consultation with a number of scheme holders (Ovocom, QS and GMP+ International) to carry out a joint
benchmarking procedure. The purpose of this is to determine whether the new GTP certificate can be accepted within the scheme of these scheme holders: GMP, QS and GMP+ FSA, respectively.

Recently published press releases create the impression that the benchmarking procedure is fully completed and has resulted in full acceptance of the new GTP code within the schemes mentioned above. This, however, is not the case. Coceral has shown its willingness throughout this process to make the improvements considered to be necessary in the new code, but there are still a number of essential conditions to be fulfilled before acceptance is a fact.

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