International cooperation: Ovocom celebrates 10th anniversary

In 2005 Ovocom Belgium has been the first international partner to conclude a mutual audit recognition with QS. It has been founded at almost the same time as the QS scheme and against the same background: Quality assurance within the supply chain of meat and meat products – here especially for feed – has been placed on a new footing.

With the foundation of Ovocom in June 2001, a platform for self assessment and neutral inspection of all stages of the feed sector has been created in Belgium. Just as GMP-PDV (today GMP international) in the Netherlands, the Belgian GMP standard for feed has been adopted at that time. Today around 2.000 companies belong to the Belgian GMP standard for feed.

While the QS scheme celebrates its tenth anniversary on 13 October of this year, its predecessor was founded before: the Qualitätspartnerschaft Fleisch also started in June 2001. Initially part of the KAT system, the creation of an inspection system covering all stages of meat production has already been the focus in those days. Within a short time, further shareholders from all production- and marketing stages joined in. In October 2001 the company was transferred into the QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH.

In autumn of this year the QS scheme celebrates its decennial existence: founded at the Anuga fair in 2001, QS takes the Anuga 2011 as reason to celebrate this round birthday with its scheme participants. More than 133.000 companies have already opted for quality assurance in the QS scheme.


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