Meeting of the laboratory managers 2015 in Berlin

This year's meeting of the laboratory manager residue monitoring was on 3 February 2015. More than 60 participants from Germany and abroad came to Berlin in order to bring themselves up to date concerning their activities in the QS scheme.

Topics of the event were the revisions in the supply chain fruit, vegetables, potatoes and the latest analysis of the QS residue monitoring of fruit and vegetables. In his guest lecture, Dr. Offenbächer, scientific advisor for residue analysis and quality assurance, reported on the consideration of residue definition in the application of multi-methods. Another focus were the re-results of the QS laboratory performance assessments of 2014 and their professional analysis. To this, Dr. Offenbächer gave analytical assistance to the deviations of the laboratory performance assessments.

The meeting of the laboratory managers is organized once a year and always have a great response. Although many questions can be answered by phone or e-mail, it does not replace the personal contact, says Claudia Rotter, responsible for the laboratories in the QS-scheme. This year again, the numerous discussions on the fringes of the event showed that the meeting provides a suitable forum for current issues and professional exchange with colleagues.


More on QS-approved labs can be found here.

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