Number of QS cattle farmers has risen significantly


More and more cattle farmers decide to participate in the QS scheme. About 2800 companies more than in January 2013 (plus 8.6 percent) may now deliver QS cattle. This growth was promoted by an agreement that the Austrian AMA and QS entered into last November: About 1700 Austrian companies are now eligible to deliver into the QS scheme on the basis of their AMA-audit. There was a clear growth in the number of German cattle farmers that are eligible to deliver cattle as well. The number has risen by about 1.100 (plus 3,4 percent) because of the increased demand for QS beef. This is also driven by the more and more frequent demand of abattoirs for a QS certification of their suppliers.

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The total number of QS scheme participants in the scopes feed, livestock and meat has increased from about 105.200 in January 2013 to about 106.600 now. Despite the growth in cattle farmers the overall number of scheme participants increased only slightly by 1.4 percent. This is basically due to decreasing number of pig farmers in the QS scheme (minus 4 percent).

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