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Advisory Board adopted Supplementary guideline. In their meeting of 20 September 2011, the Fruit, Vegetables and Potatoes advisory board decided among other things that the supplementary guideline Processing was to take effect from 1 January 2012. What it involves in essence is hygiene criteria through which microbiological contamination is to be better avoided in future.

The new guideline contains requirements regarding HACCP, good manufacturing and hygiene practice, personnel hygiene, process sequences and packaging requirements. Special emphasis is being placed on the microbiological and sensory quality of products. In this way, microbiological monitoring becomes mandatory for all QS businesses covered by the scope of applicability of this supplementary guideline which applies in all stages, from Production to Food Retail because it relates to all activities in which a product is chopped, peeled and packed, grated, sliced or pureed after harvesting. Processing also covers the treatment of products with an increased risk potential, which means that the guideline also applies to sprouts and seeds.

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