Recognition by a foreign scheme – Extension of the spot audit checklist for feed companies by additional criteria

17 05 16 Sportauzditcheckliste   Anerkennung Durch Fremdsysteme

For QS certified feed companies that want to utilize an annual unannounced audit for the recognition of a foreign scheme (GMP+-, OVOCOM-, AIC-, AMA- or Qualimat scheme), the spot audit checklist will be extended by additional recognition criteria as of 1 July 2017.

The spot audit checklist, which has been extended by the new recognition criteria can be downloaded in the download area on the QS website. For companies that do not need a recognition trough a foreign scheme, the familiar spot audit checklist will be used.

Video tutorial gives hints on the recognition by a foreign scheme

Feed companies that want to make use of the recognition by a foreign scheme have to enter the request for recognition in the QS database for each of their company’s locations. How this works is explained step by step in our new video tutorial on the use of recognitions by foreign schemes.

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