Regular audits 2013: QS requirements fulfilled to a high degree

The current analysis shows that more than 96 percent of all scheme participants fulfill the QS requirements reliably. This is the result of the evaluation of more than 47,000 audit reports which were conducted by independent auditors within the QS scheme last year. The scheme participants were even able to improve the good results achieved the year before.

In the meat and meat products supply chain 98 percent of the audits ended up without complaints. The supply chain meat and meat products includes scheme participants from the feed sector, agricultural production, livestock transport, slaughtering/deboning, meat processing, meat wholesale and food retail. The supply chain fruit, vegetables and potatoes (with scheme participants from the sectors production, wholesale and food retail) can also be very much pleased: 96.6 percent of the more than 12,300 conducted audits were successfully passed.

Non-compliances as well as K.O. evaluations were very rare in 2013 (2 respectively 3.4 percent K.O. evaluations). This implies that quality requirements were reliably met throughout the whole supply chain.

Detailed figures are given in the two tables below.

Regular Audits FVP 2013
Regular Audits Meat 2013

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