Sanction board avenges violations consequently

Scheme participants have to anticipate sanctions when they violate the requirements of the QS scheme. In 2012 the QS sanction board, chaired by retired judge Kurt Pillmann, advised 279 cases. Gross violations were punished accordingly: In 215 cases a fine up to 5,000 Euros has been set. In 25 cases a temporary suspension or an increased audit frequency has been determined additionally. In four cases the sanction board recommended the exclusion of a scheme participant from the QS scheme. 155 cases affected the supply chain meat and meat products and 124 cases affected the supply chain fruits, vegetables, potatoes.

The causes for the sanction procedures differed according to the supply chain and the production stage: On the agricultural stage violations against requirements of livestock breeding were frequent causes for a sanction procedure. In the feed sector a false product labeling led to sanctions. Regarding the production of fruit and vegetables an incorrect use of plant protection products and exceedance of maximum residue levels caused a forfeit.

The following is a general rule of the QS scheme: when auditors notice any deviations of the QS requirements or laboratories notice a violation of the limit values or any other violations become known, the scheme participants take care of a fast correction and counteraction. But there will be consequences for the violations: Regarding serious violations the sanction board imposes a fine or suspensions.

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