Spotaudits at poultry producers in the QS scheme

As from 2013 unannounced inspections, so called spotaudits, will be introduced as binding for all livestock producers in the QS scheme. But already this year, QS will take the first step by conducting around 1.200 spotaudits on the initiative of the German poultry sector.
The inspections starting in February will relate to locations in Germany, that participate in the QS scheme in the products scope agriculture – poultry production. Related costs will be borne by the poultry sector.

The checklist to be applied during a spotaudit has been adopted by the advisory board for poultry at its meeting in January. According to it, auditors will pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Animal welfare: Monitoring and care of livestock, technical requirements (climate, lightning, emergency power supply and alarm system), stock density, stock records, loading and unloading equipment
  • Hygiene: buildings and equipment, hygiene sluices, waste management, biosecurity measures (storage of litter and carcasses, pest control)
  • Medicines and Vaccines:  Storage of medicines and vaccines
  • Feed: Safety and cleanliness of feed and water, hygiene of (drinking) throughs and technical equipment, hygienic feed storage

As in regular audits, corrective measures have to be introduced if violations against the requirements of the QS scheme are detected during a spotaudit. In the event of severe violations, sanctions extending to the withdrawal of the eligibility of delivery into the QS scheme can be imposed.

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