Facts and Figures

New participants in the QS scheme

QS is a vibrant scheme. Here you’ll find more details on which new companies currently participate in the QS scheme.

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Titel Jahresbericht 2013

Figures on meat, livestock, feed

How many participants are in the scheme? How many of them are cattle, pig or poultry farmers? How many audits are carried out? How often are sanctions imposed?

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QS Schweinehalter

Figures on fruit, vegetables, potatoes

How many scheme participants are active in the production stage, in wholesaling, in logistics or in the food retail sector? How many farmers arrange for certification in accordance with QS-GAP, and how many auditors are in action for QS in Germany and abroad? 

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QS Landwirt Butzen bei der Zwiebelernte

Analysis results QS feed monitoring

From which countries are raw materials purchased in the QS scheme? Which raw materials are from Brazil or the USA? What abnormalities were there with the feeds?


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