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QS random sample audits along the entire supply chain

Additional controls ensure scheme stability

In the coming months, more and more additional random sample audits will be taking place throughout the entire QS scheme. The randomly selected companies will be audited without advance notice and will face sanctions in the event of noncompliance with requirements.

Random sample audits have been a tried and tested part of our internal control system since as far back as 2005, explains Dr. Alois Fenneker, who has responsibility for auditing at QS. All scheme participants have to reckon with a check at any time. Some of them are also selected on a risk basis, which means that companies which have had nonconformities in the past can be audited more frequently. The additional audits are planned by QS head office and conducted by neutral certification bodies at the expense of QS.

Although the results of recent years show that the companies involved in the QS scheme perform just as convincingly in the additional audits as in the regular ones, the former are indispensable for the reliability and stability of the entire system. Over 400 scheme participants in Germany and abroad were additionally audited in 2016, with 97 percent of the companies passing the test. 13 companies contravened QS requirements with the result that the sanction procedure was imposed.

Random sample audits in other countries too

The audits were conducted in domestic as well as foreign businesses. This year, 26 of the total of 445 scheduled random sample audits will take place abroad. In addition to these, QS is jointly organising random sample audits with other European standard owners in businesses which participate in the QS scheme on the basis of bilateral recognition. To this end, the special auditors commissioned by QS are deployed on-site to check the functionality of the recognised schemes in order to ensure the fulfilment of QS requirements. The jointly conducted audits strengthen confidence in the reliability of the European standards and enhance the mutual trust of the standard owners.

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