QS random audits 2019 completely unannounced

This year's random sample audits for the system chains fruit, vegetables, potatoes as well as meat and meat products started at the beginning of this week. As in previous years,...
19 07 16 QS Stichprobenaudits Unangekuendigt

OQUALIM recognises VLOG feed as equivalent

For QS-certified feed companies using the VLOG add-on module, it is now much easier to supply French farmers with GMO-free feed. The reason for this trade facilitation is that since...
19 07 15 OQUALIM Erkennt VLOG Futtermittel Als Gleichwertig An

Residue monitoring: QS recognises samples from Food Experts, S.L.

As of now, samples taken within the independent residue monitoring scheme FoodSecuritas are fully recognised in the QS residue monitoring fruit, vegetables and potatoes. The agreement between the Spanish company...
19 07 11 QS Erkennt Proben Food Experts An

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