Veterinarians - Competent partners

For livestock farmers, veterinarians are competent contact partners. They answer all questions on health management in poultry, pig and cattle farming businesses in the QS scheme. Clearly defined requirements in the guidelines and independent inspections ensure that the protection and wellbeing of animals are firmly rooted in the QS scheme.

The livestock care contract between veterinarians and livestock managers forms the basis for cooperation. Herd or flock care by a veterinarian comprises curative and preventive services and also includes monitoring and screening measures.

The results from the salmonella monitoring for fattening pigs and from antibiotics monitoring for poultry and pigs can help you in your day-to-day work. As a veterinarian, you have access to our databases as well as data for health management in the businesses to which you provide veterinary services.

Registering in the QS scheme

Databases for Veterinarians

For the purpose of antibiotics monitoring, you - as a veterinarian or veterinary practice - sign an agreement with QS. This entitles you to enter data on the prescriptions and applications of antibiotics in the antibiotics database. Take the first step by completing the simple online registration process.

Veterinarians or veterinary practices that take samples in the agricultural businesses within the framework of QS salmonella monitoring register for this purpose in the salmonella database.

You can use the adjacent links to register online as a veterinarian for the QS scheme in the QS databases Vetproof (antibiotics) and Qualiproof (salmonella).

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