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QS laboratory performance assessment - Results in detail 2/2023

The test results also showed that monocrotophos is analytically challenging. 14% of the participants did not correctly quantify the active substance. The majority of them determined the active substance too low (<70% of the spiked value). Two laboratories were unable to detect the active substance at all.

For the active substances ametoctradine and cyantraniliprole, there were also relatively many quantification errors, especially among laboratories in the recognition procedure. Most laboratories quantified the active substances too high (> 120% of the spiked value). Phosphonic acid, an active substance to be determined using a single method, was tested for the 4th time. 18% of laboratories quantified the active substance incorrectly. The majority of laboratories reported a result < 70% of the spiked value. Laboratories in the recognition procedure were particularly affected by this, proving that laboratory competence still needs to be built up here.

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