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IFS and QS launch joint co-branding for selected working documents

21.07.2021 | Produktion | Fleischwirtschaft | Erzeugung

21 07 21 IFS Und QS Starten Gemeinsames Co Branding EN

Quality assurance and safe food are the common goal of QS and IFS. To achieve this goal, the highest hygiene requirements must be met in the food chain. In cooperation with experts, comprehensive guidelines and suuporting documents are being prepared for both standards with the aim of providing participants in both standards with the best possible support and making a significant contribution to improving product safety.

Together, QS and IFS now provide selected documents for practical use. In the form of co-branding, the QS supporting document Listeria prevention for slaughtering, deboning and processing and the IFS Guide to foreign body management refer to each other. Hereby, QS scheme participants and interested parties have immediate access to the respective documents.

They can be accessed via the following links:


QS supporting document listeria prevention


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