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QS scheme manual of 2019 released


Leitfaeden 2015

Since 17 December 2018, the guidelines valid as of 2019 can be viewed and downloaded on the QS website. In addition, the checklists for audits, which will be carried out from 1st January 2019, will also be available there.

QS would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the numerous comments and suggestions received during the commenting phase 2018. These have been included in the guidelines or submitted to the QS Advisory Boards for further processing for the next revision.

In the course of the commenting phase (November 15 until November 22 2018), scheme partners, auditors and interested parties were able to get an idea of the guidelines of the QS Scheme Manual valid as of 2019 from and give suggestions and criticism. Regardless of the end of this year's review phase, you always have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions on our scheme manual. Please use our contact form.

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