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Recognition with Fami-QS - Registration in QS-Database now possible


18 08 01 Gegenseitige Anerkennung QS FAMIQS

Fami-QS and QS have recently signed a mutual recognition agreement for the production and trade of additives and premixes, including particular feed material. With this, QS certified companies now have the possibility to deliver goods into the Fami-QS scheme based on their QS audit.

Since 15th August 2018, QS-certified producers or traders of premixes and additives can enter their recognition request in the QS database under Master Data. To do this, proceed as follows: Once the company has logged on to the database, it must select the appropriate location and select the Fami-QS option in the location data under Recognition in external systems.

Fami-QS certified companies wishing to receive a delivery authorisation for the QS system are requested to contact the Fami-QS office which will register them in the QS database. After successful registration by Fami-QS, the companies are published in the QS database as eligible for delivery.

Further information on recognition can be found on the QS website and in Annex 10.1 Recognised standards of the QS guideline feed.

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