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Revision of the additional control plan Aflatoxin B1

18/09/2019 | Feed material production | Feed material production

16 12 07 Mais

QS has revised the additional control plan for aflatoxin B1 with effect from 23 September 2019. As a result of updated weather data, existing results of the new harvest and classifications carried out at the beginning of the harvest in recent years, new risk classifications for several countries of origin for the maize harvest were carried out in the course of the revision.

For the countries of origin Romania, Hungary and Slovakia the risk classification for contamination of maize with aflatoxin B1 has been changed from low to medium.

In addition, the customer (or final consumer) always needs information about the country of origin in which the maize was grown. For countries of origin with a medium or high risk rating, a possible procedure is also described for cases where maize is stored in a silo for more than 3 months and is not available for sampling before delivery to the customer.

Any changes made can be found in the revision information. The additional control plan Aflatoxin B1 valid from 23 September 2019 can be found here.

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