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Revision of the Feed Monitoring Guideline as of 1 August 2019

02.08.2019 | Futtermittel

19 08 02 Revision LF Futtermittelmonitoring EN

Due to a clarification, the Feed Monitoring Guideline was revised on 1 August 2019. The new version can now be viewed and downloaded from the Document Center on the QS website.

The clarification relates only to changes made during the last revision of the guideline (1 July 2019) concerning the testing of mycotoxins in sugar beet pulp. In Chapter 6.4.4 'Control plan Tubers, roots, their products and by-products as well as for (Cane) sugar molasses and Vinasse', footnote 4 has been adapted as follows:

'(…) Irrespective of this, the following applies if the QS guidance values are exceeded: QS and the buyers of the goods must be informed, and the analysed value must be communicated. In the case of feed supplies to the livestock owner for direct feeding, a recommendation for use must be made (percentage use limitation for the ration).'

In Chapter 6.5.1 'Control plan of traders of feed material', an identical wording was added under footnote 15.

You can find this change to the guideline in the revision information. You will also find this and the revised guideline on our website in the document centre.

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