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Danish Productstandard, Global Red Meat Standard (Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC))

QS recognizes the Danish product standard of the DAFC in the agricultural sector for piglets and fattening pigs as well as the Global Red Meat Standard (GRMS) for pork in the field of slaughtering and deboning. Agricultural businesses holding this certification according to the Danish Product Standard may deliver into the QS scheme. Details of QS delivery eligibility are outlined on the Danish internet website. The required CHR number must be listed on the delivery confirmations.

Slaughtering and deboning businesses can deliver into the QS scheme based on their certification in accordance with the Global Red Meat Standard.
Businesses with delivery eligibility are listed in the QS database.

Neither agricultural businesses nor slaughtering and deboning businesses are entitled to use the QS certification mark.


Sabrina Melis

✆ +49 (0) 228 35068-220

⎙ +49 (0) 228 35068-16220

@ E-Mail


Contact (slaughtering/deboning):

Henning Ossendorf

✆ +49 (0) 228 35068- 182

⎙ +49 (0) 228 35068-16182

@ E-Mail

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