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The mutual recognition between EFISC-GTP International and QS refers to the production of feed material from the oilseed, starch and biodiesel industry as well as the trade, transport, storage and transhipment of feed material of plant origin. Thereby, transport is recognized only in combination with a certification for trade and/or storage.

QS certified companies can deliver to EFISC-GTP certified companies without an additional audit. The EFISC-GTP certified company must be provided with the QS certificate at the time of delivery.

EFISC-GTP certified companies can deliver into the QS scheme without an additional audit. For this purpose, the companies register in the QS database. After signing a QS scheme agreement, the companies are published in the scheme participant search of the QS database as eligible to deliver.

Further information can be found in die Annex 9.1 to the Guideline Feed Sector.


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