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FamiQS (FamiQS asbl.)

The mutual recognition between Fami-QS and QS refers to the production and trade of additives, premixtures, feed material as well as special compound feed (complementary/dietetic feed).

QS certified companies can deliver to the Fami-QS scheme based on their QS-certification. For this purpose, the companies log in to in the QS database, select the appropriate location, click on Recognition by third party systems via the tab Recognitions and place a tick at Fami-QS.

In return Fami-QS certified companies can receive the eligibility of delivery into the QS scheme. For this purpose, the companies register in the QS database and sign a QS scheme agreement. Afterwards, the companies are published in the scheme participant search of the QS database as eligible to deliver.

Further information can be found in Annex 9.1 to the Guideline Feed Sector.


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