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GlobalG.A.P and QS (with QS-GAP) have mutually recognised their standards. Producers with a QS-GAP certification must be registered in the GlobalG.A.P. database to be allowed to deliver into the GlobalG.A.P scheme. Businesses with a valid GlobalG.A.P. audit certificate can deliver into the QS scheme if they register through a QS coordinator and participate in mandatory QS residue monitoring.

Production businesses with several locations certified according to the GlobalG.A.P. standard in a multi-site procedure who would like to participate in the QS scheme must arrange for auditing and register of each site. For companies with a multisite with QMS, analogous requirements (see information sheet) apply as for companies with a GlobalG.A.P. Option 1-certificate.

Producers and certificate holders with a GlobalG.A.P. Option 2-certificate (group certification) can find more information on participation in the QS scheme here.

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