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Steps to become a QS scheme participant – producer

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Step 1 – Advice and support for the participation in the QS scheme: select coordinator

  • You will receive advice and support for the participation in the QS scheme from your coordinator. For that you sign a contract with him (declaration of participation) and participate via the coordinator in the QS scheme.
  • Your coordinator assists you on all questions around QS. He organises your registration and maintains your master data in the QS database. He arranges the controls (audits) and arranges your participation in the monitoring programmes.
  • For questions concerning the costs of the scheme participation and the auditing your coordinator is your first person of contact, too.

>>Here you can find a current list of coordinators to select one of your choice.

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Step 2 – Conduct initial audit


  • The audit will be conducted at your premises by an auditor who works for an independent certification body.li>
  • The audit will be commissioned by your coordinator.
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Step 3 – Receive eligibility of delivery

  • If the audit has been successfully passed, it will be released by the certification body. Usually after a few days you will be eligible to deliver and your products can be marketed in the QS scheme.
  • The eligibility of delivery have to be checked online under: www.qs-plattform.de/QSSoftware/search.html by entering location number or QS identification number.
  • Depending on the results of the audit (audit status) the next regular audit follows risk-based within one to three years. Each company can be inspected additionally for example by random sample audit.
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