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Feed sector - Logistics and trade

If you want to participate in the QS as a trader or as a service provider in the area of transport, storage and transshipment, register online in the QS database.There, also select the certification body that you have commissioned to perform the audit. After contractual integration via the certification body and passing the audit, you will get the QS approval.

Companies or a group of companies with several trading locations as well as storage and/or transport facilities can be audited via a multi-site certification. Several locations are certified at the same time without having to visit each location. In order to make the multi-site certification possible for a group of companies, the main location must inform the QS office which companies with which locations belong to the group and submit the appropriate agreements for multi-site certification.

You can see which certification bodies are allowed in the QS scheme from this list.

All information that are relevant for the system participation can be found here.

Recognized standards

If you are already certified according to another feed standard than QS, there may be the possibility to participate in the QS scheme via a recognition. Which standards are recognized by QS and how the delivery into the QS scheme is made possible can be found in Annex 9.1 of the Guideline Feed Sector.

Relevant documents


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