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Storage Meat and Meat Products

If you would like to participate in the QS scheme as a company that stores QS products on behalf of a scheme participant, please register in the QS database in the first step. There you select which approved certification body should carry out the mandatory initial audit. You conclude an agreement with the certification body on participation in the QS scheme.

Companies that already have an IFS Logistics- /IFS Food- /IFS Wholesale /IFS Cash & Carry- / BRC Storage & Distribution or BRC Food Safety certificate and wish to participate in the QS scheme can have this certification recognized by QS. This also requires registration in the QS database. During the registration process, the certification body responsible for the IFS /BRC certification is selected. This certification body is responsible for entering the duration of the corresponding certificate in the QS database and thus enables the company to be approved in the QS scheme. The prerequisite is that the corresponding certification body is registered with QS in advance - if it does not already have its own QS approval - and that the company concludes an agreement with the certification body on QS scheme participation.

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