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Use of certification mark and labelling: How do I use the QS certification mark correctly in shipping documents?

So that QS goods can be assigned to the shipping documents at any time and without doubt, QS goods must be clearly identified as such in the shipping documents. It is important for the labelling to be product-related. For example, product identifications in the shipping documents can be indicated with the addition QS (apples (QS) or QS apples). It is also possible to ensure the clear assignment of QS goods via general agreements or the use of synonyms. The procedure must be documented by the respective companies and known to the employees concerned.

Using the QS certification mark in the header or footer of the delivery note is not sufficient for the labelling products as QS goods.

Further information on the subject of Labelling of QS goods can be found in the Supporting document "Fruit, vegetables, potatoes: Labelling of QS produce".

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