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How can I deliver to the QS scheme if I am certified according to a standard recognized by QS?

To avoid double auditing, QS has agreed a mutual recognition of audits and/or certificates with several international standard owners.

Based on the recognition, you can deliver to the QS scheme. To obtain the QS eligibility of delivery, register your company directly in the QS database. It is important that you indicate the standard by which your company is certified as certification scheme. The registration of pastus+ certified small-scale producers and mobile milling and mixing plants in the QS database is carried out via AMA.

CSA GTP-certified companies do not yet need to register in the QS database to deliver into the QS scheme. For now, it is enough to present a valid certificate, whereby the respective area of activity must be indicated on the certificate. Oqualim-certified companies who comply with the standard RCNA International and the additional module Annex 1: Purchase requirements for goods and services and wish the eligibility of delivery in the QS scheme will be published on the website of Oqualim (www.oqualim.com) and as recognized Oqualim locations (France) in the scheme participant of the QS database.

You can find out which standards are recognized for which activity in Annex 9.1 to the Guideline Feed sector.

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