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How can I check the eligibility of delivery of other scheme participants?

The daily eligibility of delivery of scheme participants, such as livestock transporters, feed suppliers or mobile feed milling and mixing plants, can be checked via the internal search for scheme participants and via the public scheme participant search.

The easiest and most comfortable way to check is the recipient and supplier list. To do this, you have to login to the QS database with your login data. Under the tab Master data, you can create such a list for all your recipients and suppliers. This allows you to check the eligibility of delivery of your recipients and suppliers quickly and easily. Furthermore, you get daily information via e-mail if an eligibility of changes.

In addition, you can also use the internal search for locations. This search function can also be found under the tab Master data in the QS database. Here, the scheme participants can be requested by the QS ID and the location number. Livestock transport companies can also be searched by name, city and postal code.

No login is required when requesting via the public scheme participant search. Here, the respective stage of the scheme participant must be specified. In the following mask, the eligibility of delivery can be checked, for example via the QS ID or location number.

You can also check the eligibility of your own locations in the QS database as well as via the public search function.

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