For which feed is a positive release sampling required?

Producers of fatty acids from chemical refining, fatty acid distillates from physical refining, salts of fatty acids, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, fish oil (incl. fish oil refined, hardened), crude coconut oil and raw cocoa butter, and producers of blended fats and oils which contain fatty acids and blended fatty acids must carry out a positive release sampling before marketing their end products. This means that these products can only be placed on the market if uncritical analysis results on certain parameters are already on available and handled to the customers.

Compound feed producers using these products have the option to purchase products which have no positive release sampling. However, they must then take over the positive release sampling for their suppliers before processing these products. This possibility exists only in the presence of a special release for the compound feed producer.

For more information on the positive release sampling in QS feed monitoring, see the Guideline Feed monitoring.

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