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Feed Monitoring: What is the additional control plan?

The risk-oriented additional control plan Aflatoxin B1 in maize responds to the persistent contamination of aflatoxin in maize (products). It is adapted to the current harvest as well as monthly during the rest of the year and adjusted if necessary. The basis for the assessment of the risk classification are current analysis results, which are collected by QS and other international standard owners, notifications in the EU rapid alert system as well as risks due to weather conditions in the respective country.

Any QS certified feed company that purchases maize and maize processing products (feed material) must comply with the aflatoxin B1 additional control plan in addition to the annual analyses carried out in accordance with the Guideline Feed Monitoring (including pure delivery traders). If your supplier is certified by QS or a QS recognized standard, you do not need to apply the additional control plan because it is already met.

For more information on the additional control plan aflatoxin B1, see Annex 8.5 Additional control plans to the Guideline Feed Monitoring.

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