Logo - QS. Ihr Prüfsystem für Lebensmittel

To participate in the QS scheme, the following steps are required:

  • Registration in the QS database (www.qs-plattform.de//index_english) via Initial Registration. With the initial registration you enter, among others, information about your company and choose a certification body, which shall perform the audit. After successful registration you will receive your login data for the database and always have the opportunity to change any information you entered.
  • Contacting the certification body: After registration in the database please contact the certification body and arrange an audit date.
  • Performing the audit: After passing the audit, the certification body enters the report into the database and authorizes it. QS will then check the audit report.
  • Sending the contract: After QS has checked the audit report you get the scheme contract for the wholesale stage in duplicate. When both signed documents have been received by the QS office, one countersigned copy will be sent back to you.
  • You will receive the eligibility of delivery once the signed documents have been received in the QS office and have been countersigned. After receiving the eligibility of delivery, your company can be found as eligible to deliver in the public search of the database.

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