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How can I deliver to other standards as a QS scheme participant?

QS has agreed a mutual recognition of audits and/or certificates with several international standard owners of the feed industry to avoid double auditing of companies.

For the recognition by one or more other standard owners log in the QS database with your access data and select for the corresponding location via the tab Recognitions under Recognition in third-party systems through which third-party systems you wish a recognition by placing a check mark at the appropriate standard (GMP+ Int., Ovocom, AIC, AMA, Qualimat Transport, Fami-QS).

If you wish a recognition by QM-Milk or KAT, place a check mark in the location data directly under Recognitions at Participation QM-Milk or Participation KAT. For the recognition of small-scale producers (feed material production) by GMP+ as well as of mobile grinding and mixing plants by AMA, your certification body deposits the recognition request.

For deliveries to EFISC GTP-certified companies, you only need to provide your customer with the QS certificate.

You can find further information in the Annex 9.1 to the Guideline Feed sector.

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