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For pigs:

The diagnostic data must be reported for all fattening pigs delivered by QS-certified farmers.

Outside Germany, the recording and reporting of the results to the farmer must be carried out in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 2019/627. The data must be sent to the farmer and each quarter (aggregated) to QS. For this purpose the companies have received a template for the transmission to QS. Irrespective of this, all diagnostic data must be entered into the slaughterhouse's EDP system. For the farmer, it must be possible to make a comparison with all farmers who have supplied the slaughterhouse.

For poultry:

Slaughterhouses must enter the following data in the diagnostic data database for each batch of QS animals delivered.

  • Type of destocking (main destocking/pre-destocking)
  • The number of the slaughter batch
  • Date of slaughter
  • Date of stabling for fattening
  • Number of animals delivered for slaughter
  • Location number of the farmer
  • Animal species/animal group (turkeys, broilers)
  • Gender (optional, only for turkeys)
  • Mortality during fattening (in percent)
  • Animals that died during transport (in percent)
  • Foot pad changes (score)
  • Exceedings of 2b >20% for chickens or C >25% for turkeys
  • Number of animals rejected (differentiated by reason)
  • Breast skin lesions for male turkey (percentage of ratings A, B, and C)
  • Recording system, camera-based

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