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The number of mandatory samples depends on the risk group of the product and on the quantity of the product that is purchased as QS goods (regardless of whether the QS label is used on the product or not). The target number of samples can be calculated using the information of the control plan (annex 10.1 Guideline Residue Monitoring). The result must always be rounded up.

The number of mandatory samples to be taken is calculated as follows:

Number of mandatory samples per year for a specific product= quantity of purchased QS goods (t) / quantity (t) per sample according to the control plan

Sample calculation:

Your company purchases 3000 tons of QS plums annually. According to the control plan, 1 sample per 625 t must be taken for this product:

Number of mandatory samples per year for plums = 3000 (t) / 625 (t) = 4.8

Result: Within one year 5 mandatory samples (product plum) must be taken and entered into the QS database.

As soon as a product is purchased as QS goods, at least one mandatory sample must be taken for the respective product. The samples can be taken according to the seasonal occurrence and the internal risk assessment.

For the calculation of the target number of samples, the Comparison: tonnage sampling can be used in the menu Residue Monitoring in the QS database.

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