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When do I have to register for online trading and how can I implement the registration? What are the requirements for checking the online trade?

An additional module for online trading is offered for the scheme participants on stage food retail. This is aimed at scheme participants who regularly offer QS goods via online trading.

Online trade is defined as the activity in which a company offers products predominantly via internet, which can be selected and, if necessary, purchased online by the final consumer. The physical composition of the goods takes place exclusively in the absence of the final consumer.

Furthermore the module can be selected in the database by all QS scheme participants in the food retail who would like to have the activities of online trade additionally audited.

In addition to the requirements contained in the additional module, the requirements defined in the respective guideline for the corresponding production scope must also be complied with.

The scheme participant can check the box for online trade in the QS-database for the respective branch that is to be audited for online trade. The certification body is then provided with the corresponding checklist to audit the additional module.

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