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The QS standards for the production and marketing of meat and sausage as well as fruit, vegetables and potatoes define the requirements for assured processes and product quality. These can be viewed and downloaded in detail for all production stages in the Document Center. The requirements relate, among other things, to livestock farming and feeding, the professional use of plant protection products, and compliance with hygiene requirements and the cold chain.

Inspections of the production and marketing process for meat and meat products begin with the production of feed. The animals within the QS network may only be fed with feed from QS certified farms. In agriculture, special attention is paid to animal welfare with requirements for animal protection, feeding, livestock housing conditions and the use of medicines. QS requirements for slaughtering and deboning concern, among other things, animal welfare and animal transport or slaughter hygiene, while in meat processing it is a question of maintaining the cold chain or avoiding cross-contamination. For the food retail target temperatures, staff hygiene, staff training, goods inspection and traceability is relevant.

The inspection of production and marketing processes of fruit, vegetables and potatoes begins with the analysis of the production. For example, producers must comply with requirements for soil cultivation, plant protection, fertilisation and water quality. For the wholesale and fruit sale requirements for storage and transport conditions, hygiene, ensured origin and traceability are relevant. For the food retail, the proper storage and handling of goods as well as the correct labelling are checked.

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