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What is QS. Quality scheme for food. and which level of safety does it imply?

QS. Quality scheme for food. is the leading standard for food safety in Germany. 95% of all fresh pork and poultry meat, 85% of beef and 90% of fruit, vegetables and potatoes from Germany are QS certified.

Because of QS, consumers in Germany can rely on safe fresh food. The quality assurance scheme covers all stages of production and marketing of food. The companies in the QS network produce, process, inspect and sell fresh food - from farm to shop. Together they ensure that food safety standards are reliably implemented.

The products can be recognized by the QS certification mark. Food that is labelled with the QS certification mark is safe and its history is transparent: From farm to shop QS knows every company that is involved in the products’ production and marketing. The compliance with the QS requirements is regularly checked in all companies. Checklists and shipping documents, which allow a conclusion on the production process and the origin, accompany the product to the shop. Thus, the entire production process is made transparent and ensures a high degree of reliability.

Further information about the QS scheme can be found here.

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