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Which processes are covered by the scope of the QS Guideline Logistics of Meat and Meat Products?

The scope of the QS Guideline Logistics of Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes refers to companies that store and/or transport packaged and unpackaged foods that have to be stored under controlled conditions at their own locations, but do not own the goods. The scope of the guideline also covers in particular the following processes within the scope of storage activities: primary packaging for industrial goods, vacuuming, picking (incl. transport packaging for end consumer products), repalletising, tumbling (inverting), freezing and thawing. Own storage locations of QS scheme partners of the slaughtering/ cutting and processing stages, which have their own EU approval number and whose scope of activity does not exceed the scope described above.

Note: If the storage facility is part of the production site at QS scheme partners and does not have a separate approval (own EU approval number), the requirements are also checked as part of the audits at the slaughtering/ cutting and processing and meat wholesale stages. No additional registration in the QS scheme is required for this.

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