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Use of certification mark and labelling: Which requirements do I have to meet in order to use the QS certification mark in the communication?

The QS certification mark may only be used by QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH scheme participants and their subsidiaries, by authorized certification bodies and coordinators and approved laboratories. They are awarded the right to use the mark individually by means of a scheme contract or framework agreement with QS. Agricultural businesses and food retail branches do not make any direct contractual agreements with QS; they participate in the QS scheme via coordinators. The right to use the QS certification mark is awarded to them individually and on request by their coordinator.

With signing the scheme contract or framework agreement, you are authorised to use the QS certification mark in your communication and to promote your certification and commitment to food safety. The same applies if you want to advertise the availability of QS certified goods in your product range and if you support the QS scheme.

In addition to the advertising communication, you can also use the QS certification mark on delivery notes and accompanying papers. Furthermore, the certification mark can be used in online communications, as an element in the business equipment (letterheads, brochures etc.) or on any advertising material.

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