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Continuation and expansion of mutual recognition with the French standard owner OQUALIM decided

14.12.2020 | Futtermittelwirtschaft


QS and OQUALIM will continue and extend their mutual recognition in the coming year. Starting next year, the mutual recognition between QS and the standard owner OQUALIM from France will apply to the production and marketing of compound feeds and premixes, as well as to the trade in compound feeds and premixes and feed materials and feed additives. As a result of the mutual recognition, above-mentioned companies in the feed industry can continue to supply their products to the QS scheme and vice versa on the basis of a successful certification according to the OQUALIM standard RCNA-International.

Already since January 2018 there was a temporary recognition between OQUALIM and QS until the end of 2020, which will now be continued and extended. Details on the mutual recognition can be found in Annex 9.1 to the QS Guideline Feed Sector.


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